I'm ThinkinFyou Today

Warning: The following blog post was not written by the owner/operators of Beyond Left Field, but by a guest blogger who was chosen in a moment of desperation. The views expressed below are the opinion of the author and should not be taken seriously until her psychiatric results come in. This document still may be unsuitable for overly sensitive persons with low self-esteem, no sense of humor or irrational religious beliefs. No animals were injured during the writing of this post – although we thought about it.

It is I, Thinkinfyou with the post of the day here on "Beyond Left Field". Now for those of you that don't know me and are looking at name thinking "Oh, isn't that cute! Her name is short for Thinking OF You." You need to look again. The name is Thinkin' F You...short for ThinkinFUCKYou. It's not so sweet now is it, or is it?

I guess it depends on how you take the "fuck" part. I'm pretty sure some of you consider "fuck" the worst word that can be spewed out of the oral cavity, and if that is how you think I want to know why. You see, for me, I don't understand why "fuck" gets such a bad rap. It's just a word people.

It's the perfect word if you ask me. It is loads of fun to say and always gets attention, not to mention it can be conjugated into any part of speech magnificently because of it's several different meanings.

Dictionary. com defines it as follows: Fuck

1. To have sexual intercourse
2. Slang- to treat unfairly or harshly.
             verb (used without object)
3. Slang- to meddle (usually followed by around or with...).
4. Slang- (used to express anger, disgust, peremptory rejection, etc., often followed by a pronoun as "you" or "it".
5. An act of sexual intercourse.
6. A partner in sexual intercourse.
7. Slang- a person, esp. one who is annoying or contemptible.
8. "the fuck"; slang- (used as an intensifier, esp. with WH-questions, to express annoyance, impatience, etc.)
    verb phrases-
9. Slang- fuck around.
    a.- to behave in a frivolous or meddlesome way.
    b- to engage in promiscuous sex.
10. Slang- fuck off.
    a- to shirk one's duty; malinger
    b-go away; used as an exclamation of impatience
    c- to waste time
11. Slang- fuck up.
    a- to bungle or botch; ruin
    b- to act stupidly or carelessly; cause trouble; mess.
12. Slang- give a fuck, slang, to care; be concerned.
      Related forms: fucky, adjective

Now if you looked at all of the things this word could mean what is so horrible about any of it's meanings? Hell, according to the dictionary the most popular definition for "fuck" is to have sexual intercourse, and who doesn't like that?

Well, Ok, even if you don't "like" it, you have to agree it is still nice to know someone would want to have sex with you, right?

Nobody wants to be unfuckable, now that would be horribly offensive.

 And...if you really want to get honest with yourself, you have to remember we all came from a fuck, so maybe instead of getting your panties in a bunch the next time you hear that four letter word, why not try and be grateful fucking exists because without it where would you be?

Anyways, I hope my thoughts or "words of wisdom" as I like to call them, help you throughout your day today. I know they did, but there's no need to thank me. It's just my job as a giver of knowledge. Just promise me you'll go out in the world today and give "fuck" a chance.

Embrace it by introducing it into your vocabulary. You know they say that increasing ones vocabulary by just one word can improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades and job performance. Just think of how much your life will change by using the word "fuck" on a daily basis.

Oh, and don't be selfish. Share the word with your friends, neighbors, parents and small children. You'll be glad you did.

Fuckfully yours,


nonamedufus said...

You had me at "spewed out of the oral cavity". Good to have you fuckin' back Thinkinfyou.

Don said...

nonamedufus: Ain't that da troof.

00dozo said...

A great fucking post, ThinkinFyou!

Don said...

00dozo: Yep, I thought so too. Hers always are. Imagine, writing an entire post on such a little word.

Sandee said...

I funking like this post a lot. Absolutely. I use the word fuck all. the. time.

Have a terrific fucking day. :)

Sandee said...

I meant fucking like this post not funking. Good fucking grief. :(

Da Dude said...

When she says you, does she mean me? Oh boy! I'd love to get fucked by her but I guess I already am.

Don said...

Sandee: Me too. I even say "you want to fucking fuck?" Although I'm not sure why but in a southern drawl it does sound kind of sexy.

Don said...

Da Dude: She does not me or anyone but her hubs. However, her picture does give birth to some really good fantasies. I mean about Disneyworld and shit!

Octo-Dolls Satirical Matryoshka said...

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Fucking is fucking fantastic. Fucking would get octomom out of her financial situation, am I right? Bring on the octo-porn.

But seriously, the only fucking thing I found offensive in this fucking post was the unfuckable photo. Seriously - someone is going to have fucking fantasies about fucking that fat fucking chick. Some people get off on whatever is fucking nasty.


Don said...

Octo-Dolls: The only thing I find offensive in these photos is the fact that that thininFyou isn't sitting on me when she flipping the world off.. She already knows that I think.

Tattoo Jim said...

Ain't a fucking thing wrong with the word fuck and I don't give a fuck if somebody thinks there is... by the way, you want a word that's the worst word that can be spewed? OBAMA!!!! Fuck ain't so bad after all now is it??

thinkinfyou said...


Thanks for the opportunity to write again! I had fun. Although now after reading the comments,I feel a huge need to take a shower!!

stevebethere said...

Fuck! i enjoyed that post it was fucking refreshing even the unfuckable part and i didn't mean that last part in a fucking sexual way lol.

LOL @ these comments :-)

ps. I like the new look!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Good heavens - I see you haven't changed ...... oh well ..... and I can assure you VPL that my parents NEVER had sex! *shudder*

thinkinfyou said...

Immaculate conception,DP? I always knew you were special!

Don said...

Tattoo Jim: I agree. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with saying fuck?

Don said...

Thininfyou: Uh, I may need that shower too. Yours or mine?

William k Wallace said...

Fucking awesome post and I think I need to do be doing some fucking rather than reading about it.

I have a big surprise for the Mrs when she gets home form work tonight...She is going to get a good....

The Jules said...

Everyone hold hands. Sway side to side. Maybe light some candles and sing:

"Give fuck a chance!"

RicoSwaff said...

Good to read another ThinkFYou post.

Rico Swaff said...

Good to read another ThinkinFYou post. :)

Static said...

Fuck an 'A'!

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