In The Name of God...

I was reading different news sites, i.e. Drudge, Reuters and ABC News (because I'm fucking 'fair and balanced'), of the stoning deaths of 14 teens in Iraq who were considered by the Shi'a moral police to be "emos" after the model of some Western kids.

Now I understand that the number of kids stoned is more in the 90-100 range.

"Stoned" in Iraq and America apparently have different meanings. Sucks to be "stoned" in Iraq.

I don't care for "emos", but I wouldn't throw a rock at one unless they wanted me to. I don't think...

Nice to think that things are returning to normal in Baghdad and surrounding areas though.

I screamed Allahu Akbar ten times! I thought I might get 10 times the virgins.

Then I prayed. Does facing New Orleans count...?


Sandee said...

Fair and balanced? Really now. Bwahahahahahaha. I don't care what they do with their evil spawn. Hey it's their words. Just saying.

Bring the troops home. NOW!

Have a terrific day. :)

Donnie said...

Sandee: I gotta admit that I'm kind of a hawk when it comes to battle, but I agree that this stupid ass shit in Iraq and Afghanistan has gone way to far. Obama and Sadaam are dead. Let them deal with it themselves from here on out. Fuck 'em.

Tattoo Jim said...

Well well well... a little late on my part but welcome back Don!!! I had kind of given up on reading blogs over the past "while" but just for the hell of it I thought I'd give a look and to my surprise.... you're back!!! And I couldn't agree more... Fuck 'em all!!! And it never hurts to aim your prayers, whatever they may be, towards the Big Easy!

Donnie said...

Tattoo Jim: Hey buddy! Happy to have you back. I'd thought I'd take a short break that resulted in a ten month vacation. Anyway, those fucking morons, oops I'm sorry...I meant, those fucking Muslims can go to hell asap.

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